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We are passionate about enabling positive and long-term health outcomes. We do this by providing support to ensure health and development are accessible to all.
About Us

InSiGHt Health Consulting

InSiGHt Health Consulting Ltd is a public health consulting firm in Nigeria incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (RC 610848) in November 2004. We focus on providing technical skills for health population analysis, planning, programming, and management to achieve sustainable and significant health outcomes. We are strongly committed to providing support to programmes to ensure health and development are accessible to all. InSiGHt is committed to excellence, professional service, respect, knowledge and innovative programming. We have over a decade of experience in public health consulting

Our Services

Leadership and Governance

We provide technical assistance to health system structures to improve accountability and effective decision-making within the health system. We provide technical support to promote effective policy development and strategic planning

Health Information and Knowledge Management

We provide technical assistance to improve the capacity to collect, analyse, and use health data for evidence-based decision-making. Also, we promote health research and analysis to generate new knowledge and insight into health systems challenges.

Health Financing

We design, implement, and manage health financing mechanisms, including health insurance and social health protections. We provide technical support in mobilising and allocating resources efficiently to support healthcare services. We also provide technical assistance to state insurance agencies to build their institutional capacity to be fully operational and fulfil their mandates.

Service Delivery Support

To achieve better health outcomes, we support programs and initiatives to expand access to comprehensive healthcare services, particularly for people in hard-to-reach areas. These health services include Maternal and Child Health (MNCH), nutrition, and humanitarian support services.

Capacity Building for Health Workforce

We design and implement best-fit strategies to ensure well-trained healthcare workforce availability, especially at the primary healthcare level.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Support

We provide ongoing monitoring, assessment, and improvement of healthcare processes and outcomes. We use data and feedback to identify areas for improvement and provide continuous support to implement changes. Our focus includes process improvement, efficiency and resource management, patient feedback and surveys, and performance measurement and metrics

Partnering for Development

For over eighteen years, InSiGHt has provided professional public health consulting services to international development partners, non-governmental organizations, corporate organizations, civil society organizations, and government agencies in Nigeria. We treat our clients as partners, and we genuinely care about the success of their projects.

Enabling Innovations in Health

InSiGHt focuses on providing technical skills for health population analysis, planning, programming, and management to achieve sustainable and significant health outcomes. We are a trusted public health consulting firm committed to excellence, professional service, and innovative programming.

Thought Pieces

Health System Strengthening

Collaborations and partnerships between different stakeholders play a significant role in improving health outcomes, healthcare delivery, and create sustainable improvements in public health.

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Health Insurance: Challenges

Nigeria’s healthcare system faces various challenges associated with outbound medical tourism, inadequate infrastructure, a shortage of healthcare workers, low government budget allocation,

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Health insurance is a reliable way to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) and an alternative health finance mechanism that can mitigate the consequences of health users’ fees1.

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