InSiGHt Health Consulting Ltd is a public health consulting firm in Nigeria incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (RC 610848) in November 2004. We focus on providing technical skills for health population analysis, planning, programming, and management to achieve sustainable and significant health outcomes. We are strongly committed to supporting programmes to ensure health and development are accessible to all

InSiGHt is committed to excellence, professional service, respect, knowledge and innovative programming. We have over a decade of experience in public health consulting. We work with development partners, non-governmental organisations, programmes, networks, funders, corporate organisations, government parastatals, and civil society. We have vast experience in Nigeria and we partner with reputable organisations across the Africa region. Our services include health systems strengthening, health care quality management, research and project management. For more information on our services, click here.

Our Vision

To be an outstanding and dependable health consulting firm.

Our Mission

To catalyze positive and sustainable health outcomes in Africa by providing technical assistance for programming.

Our Values

Integrity. Professionalism. Quality. Dependability. Adaptability.