For almost two decades, InSiGHt has provided professional consulting services to international development partners, non-governmental organisations, corporate organisations, civil society organisations, and government agencies in Nigeria. We treat our clients as partners and genuinely care about your projects' success..

1. Health System Strengthening

We deploy a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to improve healthcare systems' performance, efficiency, resilience, and overall quality.

Our goal is to provide support and create healthcare systems that are responsive, equitable, and efficient.

• Leadership and Governance We provide technical assistance to health system structures to improve accountability and effective decision-making within the health system. We provide technical support to promote effective policy development and strategic planning.

• Health Information and Knowledge Management We provide technical assistance to improve the capacity to collect, analyse, and use health data for evidence-based decision-making. Also, we promote health research and analysis to generate new knowledge and insight into health systems challenges.

• Health Financing We design, implement, and manage health financing mechanisms, including health insurance and social health protections. We provide technical support in mobilising and allocating resources efficiently to support healthcare services. We also provide technical assistance to state insurance agencies to build their institutional capacity to be fully operational and fulfil their mandates.

• Service Delivery Support To achieve better health outcomes, we support programs and initiatives to expand access to comprehensive healthcare services, particularly for people in hard-to-reach areas. These health services include Maternal and Child Health (MNCH), nutrition, and humanitarian support services.

• Capacity Building for Health Workforce We design and implement best-fit strategies to ensure well-trained healthcare workforce availability, especially at the primary healthcare level.

2. Health Care Quality Management

We design and implement a systematic process and approach to improve the quality of healthcare services. Our vision is to create a healthcare system that can deliver high-quality care

• Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Support We provide ongoing monitoring, assessment, and improvement of healthcare processes and outcomes. We use data and feedback to identify areas for improvement and provide continuous support to implement changes. Our focus includes process improvement, efficiency and resource management, patient feedback and surveys, and performance measurement and metrics.

• Quality Assessment: We conduct quality assessments to ascertain the current practices, procedures, logistics, performance of health workers, and health services provided in health facilities. We develop tools specific to each programme based on the intervention and main beneficiaries. This assessment is conducted before and after intervention.
• Quality Planning: We use assessment results as a guide in developing Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) specific to each facility. The QIPs are measurable activities that are expected to be undertaken by the facilities to address quality gaps identified during the initial assessment.
• Continuous Support: We guide health facilities in implementing activities in their QIPs through supportive supervision, on-the-job training, and mentoring. These activities ensure that the health facilities implement activities expected to address the quality gaps identified during the initial assessment.

3. Research

We design and implement systematic and structured processes to generate evidence through data or information collection, analysis, and interpretation.

• Formative Research
We conduct formative research to gather information about a target population to inform the planning, design, and implementation of a project, intervention, or initiative.

• Assessments and Evaluations
We conduct assessments and evaluations to systematically measure, analyse, and interpret data to determine a program or intervention's effectiveness, quality, or value. In assessment, we measure and monitor the progress or performance of a program or system. By evaluation, we determine the overall quality, effectiveness, or impact of a program/project/system.

• Surveys
We design and conduct surveys to gather opinions and insights from target populations.

• Market Research
We collect, analyse, and interpret data to gain information about market conditions, consumer preferences, and the competitive landscape for medical products (devices and consumables). We support pharmaceutical companies and organisations in understanding their target markets, identifying opportunities, and making informed choices.

4. Project Management

We deploy a holistic approach to align with the project's needs, including stakeholder engagement and management and practical project management principles.

• Project Design, Planning, Implementation, and Coordination We provide cross-cutting support to plan, execute, and oversee health projects/programs and events.